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Solution Approach

Our solutions approach solves real business issues and helps companies become more efficient and agile.

There are more pressures in businesses these days from all stakeholders looking to drive revenues and cut expenses. With the advances in more efficient business practices and technology, businesses need to see results quicker than ever before, hence the Agile development approach.

Businesses are quite simply looking for results. Generally, these results include increased productivity, highest quality, differentiation in the marketplace, lower total cost of ownership and a fast return on investment

One of the key approaches that Oamisys employs is that we start with an understanding of the business as a whole and the impact that technology will have on the business. To avoid confusion and to communicate effectively, another simple approach we take is to speak the right language for each stakeholder. Oamisys takes on the role of the trusted advisor acting as the "go-between" for business and technical personnel who find they can suddenly communicate in more meaningful ways and achieve results they never before thought possible.

Application Outsourcing

Client creates the wish-list for the application functionality. All of project activities are delegated to the Outsourcing project team. The Product owner role is partially outsourced.

Taken to the higher level, relationships between customer and provider are regulated by SLA in this model. SLA allows for variety of flexible services and conditions. Client: service oriented, budget-oriented, long-time strategic cooperation. Contractor: supplier services, consulting services, products within SLA (looking for maximum cost efficiency). Usual size of team is 5-200 people.

Project Outsourcing

A full responsibility of the project is delegated by customer to the Project Manager. Client gets the full-functioned project team which is dedicated to the Project.

This model allows customer to concentrate on business-related issues of the project while having a fully pledged team covering all technical aspects. Client: business-driving constraints: purpose and needs, scope, deadlines, budget. Contractor: meeting client’s expectations within time, budget, and functionality. Usual size of team is 5-200 people.

Task Outsourcing

Client gets a team with Team Lead. Client is involved into the team coordination and directly manages a Team Lead which manages the outsourced team.

This model could be useful for clients that have own project management business unit and need to attract a self-managed development team. It could be used in the large projects that could be divided into several threads with self-sustained teams working on their own agendas with moderate inter-communication requirements. Client: business domain, software requirements, development standards and processes, development environment. Contractor: development resources of required qualification level, technical expertise, infrastructure, communication channels. Usual size of team is 7-15 people.


Outsourcing of daily IT operations and management of a company's Infrastructure is the hallmark of Inspace outsourcing program. Inspace dedicates a resource, either a System Administrator or IT Manager, to manage IT Infrastructure of the client / company on a retainer model. One or more shared resource would engage with the client based on business need from time to time. The overall engagement is monitored by a Consulting CIO.

Software Helpdesk

Web based Software Support

Inspace provides Software helpdesk support all over India. Co-ordination with software developers and ISPs are executed. Web based software training is given to the franchisee and for any updates that take place further training is also given.

POS Support

POS Support includes services like Software Installation, Patch Updating, Training to the franchisee, Data backup and restoration. Reports are generated and data update is done online. Help desk Support is provided through Mail and Phone both remotely and directly. Support for handling mail related issues through Outlook/ Outlook express are handled.

Web Technologies
Mobile Development

We have Experience

We are working in Web Technologies since last 20 months and have learnt many things from it. We have also built successful mobile apps, logos and SEO results.

Only Good quality web & mobile applications!

We have awesome team built for creating best quality applications.

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