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IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Consulting

This is a 'pins -to-tanks' engagement with companies, where the onus for effective investment, utilization and management of IT infrastructure lies with the Oamisys consultants and their team. The consulting team literally becomes the extended IT team of the client and completely takes over the management of companies' IT infrastructure. The Infrastructure consulting team takes a 360° view of the existing IT deployment and supports effective and efficient functioning of the systems. Besides, the consultants play the role of a technology and commercial gatekeeper when it comes to companies' infrastructure planning and scale up. Being a vendor neutral organization, Oamisys Infrastructure consultants seamlessly handle technical evaluation all the way through negotiation, purchase and deployment of IT infrastructure and support the CFO's

Why We:

Vendor Independent
Client centric IT Consulting
Certified consultants and SMEs
Information Security Experts

Remote Infrastructure Monitoring

RIM is a value added service that facilitates access and monitoring of the IT Infrastructure from a Remote / Offshore location cost effectively. RIM hinges on an effective process where the focus is on delivering high uptime and hassle free management of remote infrastructure to companies.

Dedicated Link
Client specific service levels
Service coverage for local & overseas clients

Remote Administration & Monitoring:
Remote DBA Administration and Oracle /SQL Monitoring
Remote DNS Management & DNS Services monitoring
Remote system Administration for Solaris, Linux, ICMP and other TCP/UDP port monitoring.


Cost Effective
Availability of skilled Manpower eliminates the need to attract, hire, and retain skilled IT Personal
Centralised management for the entire IT Infrastructure
Vendor Independent
Client centric Technology Consulting
ITIL Certified consultants
Technology specific certified SME's
Information Security Experts

Application Development

Our Software Development services help you to expand your market, attain domain leadership and utilize global partnerships.

We provide complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) services. Our all-encompassing experience linked with technical excellence in development, allows us to provide you with the most robust solutions at the highest quality.

Elements include:

Architecture Design
Usability Design
Quality Control/Testing

New Product Development:

One of the ways we can help you meet your goals is providing a complete process of strategy and development when bringing a new product or service to market. Services include the entire software product lifecycle:
Business Analysis
Requirements Gathering
Concept Creation
Design & Development
Support & Maintenance

Product Migration:

You probably have invested heavily in your existing products, however with new technologies being introduced every year and the changing competitive and market landscape, migrations are necessary. Some of the main reasons for migrations include:
High maintenance costs
Complex architecture
Difficult integrations with new systems

Product Reengineering:

With new software, technologies, platforms and mobile devices exploding into the market, you may find yourself trying to reinvent your existing products to preserve the initial investment. Product reengineering is comprised of taking an existing product, leaving most, if not all of the existing functionality, and adding new features and possibly improved usability. The Oamisys team, with their reengineering experience, can provide new architecture and improve product performance, resulting in optimized end-user value. Quality Control & Testing:
More than 50% of development time is spent in testing. To help you meet the challenge of high quality and reliable software solutions, Oamisys leverages industry proven practices, providing a step by step approach towards better processes with minimum lead-time and cost.

Quality Control & Testing:

More than 50% of development time is spent in testing. To help you meet the challenge of high quality and reliable software solutions, Oamisys leverages industry proven practices, providing a step by step approach towards better processes with minimum lead-time and cost.

Software Maintenance

Maintenance of existing software is crucial for software product development and can account for over 60% of all development effort and as much as 70% of the software cost. Despite the difficulties and expense, however, effective maintenance is essential for business success. It not only helps to keep a competitive edge and to assure customer satisfaction, but can also generate revenue and cut operational costs.

As part of the full software development lifecycle, Oamisys provides cost effective software maintenance and upgrade services on a long-term basis, so that you can focus your core resources on building the next innovative application once a project is complete. Oamisys dedicated team will work as a seamless extension of your in-house team to accelerate the product release cycle, migrate an existing solution to a different technology architecture, and deliver customization and integration for specific customers. Oamisys offers three types of Software Maintenance Services (from the "traditional" to "software evolution" types of maintenance):

Corrective maintenance:

Providing software enhancements to address new markets and provide for unique customer needs

Adaptive maintenance:

We believe that successful software requires mature software maintenance methodology and well-defined processes. Therefore, Oamisys adheres to stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and a high quality disciplined approach. Through efficient, predictable, and high quality software maintenance we deliver important benefits to our clients.

These include:

Regained control over a complex portfolio of in-house products and solutions
Improved software system quality and application stability
Reduced maintenance costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Assured customer satisfaction

Business Analysis

A business analyst can accommodate the desires of stakeholders and compile them in a vision and mission that aims to achieve profitability. Their responsibilities include a complete understanding of the business value of the technology being requested, including asking these questions:

How it will differ from its competitors?
Is there a need in the market place?
Does it have the functionality required?
Is there a fast return on investment?

The Business Analyst gathers and documents requirements in a format that is appropriate for the technical developers. They provide the process, questions and best practices to efficiently gather the information needed from the business users for successful development of projects.

Business Analysis Process
Oamisys has a team of experienced business analysts who will customize the business solution that best fits your goals and objectives. The process includes:

Understanding your business
Analyzing the market and your competitors
Defining and scoping the project
Gathering, analyzing and documenting requirements
Communicating requirements
Identifying the best solution
Verifying that the solution meets the requirements

The business analysis plays a vital role in the success of a software project at every stage of development. The ultimate goal is delivering a successful solution that meets the business needs of all the stakeholders. Oamisys experienced Business Analysts will create a customized solution that will provide a clear business strategy and value.


Outsourcing of daily IT operations and management of a company's Infrastructure is the hallmark of Inspace outsourcing program. Inspace dedicates a resource, either a System Administrator or IT Manager, to manage IT Infrastructure of the client / company on a retainer model. One or more shared resource would engage with the client based on business need from time to time. The overall engagement is monitored by a Consulting CIO.

Software Helpdesk

Web based Software Support

Inspace provides Software helpdesk support all over India. Co-ordination with software developers and ISPs are executed. Web based software training is given to the franchisee and for any updates that take place further training is also given.

POS Support

POS Support includes services like Software Installation, Patch Updating, Training to the franchisee, Data backup and restoration. Reports are generated and data update is done online. Help desk Support is provided through Mail and Phone both remotely and directly. Support for handling mail related issues through Outlook/ Outlook express are handled.

Web Technologies
Mobile Development

We have Experience

We are working in Web Technologies since last 20 months and have learnt many things from it. We have also built successful mobile apps, logos and SEO results.

Only Good quality web & mobile applications!

We have awesome team built for creating best quality applications.

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