A CMS web presence allows you to manage your web site even if you have no technical knowledge, experience with HTML or web site design.

Content Management

The main objective of content management is to handle the files within the organization as well as make them available over the internet. In general, the CMS allows to manage documents efficiently to have a control on the business process and work flow.

The CMS helps to build a complete website or online store. It supports multiple features like category sections, testimonials, client portfolio, news, press release, case study etc. The prominent feature of CMS is the cloud hosting infrastructure which allows for cloud-based content management.

The well organized search engine optimizer (SEO) that is packed with CMS allows the website to be viewed at maximum length on the web. It promotes the business on the internet by getting organic traffic from search engines.

The main features of CMS include:

Content managing and editing
Import and create documents, videos, etc
Formatting of text within documents
Image editing
Setting workflow rules
Reporting and analytics
Record, track, and manage many versions of same content
Library services
Publish to centralized content archive
Server and browser support


Cost-effective solution
SEO-friendly website content
Multiple language supportive admin panel
Integrated and online help
Modular and extensible
Easy user and group management
Group-based permission system

Advantages :

Streamline the enterprise content management process
Quick updation of contents
One-click publishing of contents
Display of contents based on visitor’s behaviour

Content Management

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