The CRM is the basis for establishing best rapport with the clients and managing the collaboration among employees.


Oamisys CRM differs from the regular CRM mainly due to the wide coordination it provides across the organization as well as between the company and clients with strong communication. The customer relationship management is the basis for establishing best rapport with the clients and managing the collaboration among employees. Irrespective of the type of industry or the nature of work, Oamisys CRM plays a vital role for the success of the organization.

Our CRM solution aims for elevating the sales level with collaborative project management and service. All the departments are integrated efficiently with main focus fixed around the customers. The database is centralized with easy access. The social networking applications are leveled into the CRM modules for effective communication. The customer information is maintained on the real time basis which acts as instant feedback mechanism to know the customer interests and serve them better.

The enterprise CRM covers all the functional units such as sales, purchase, invoice, lead generation, reporting etc. The basic functioning of the organization is automated by the enterprise CRM with complete control on employee management, project management, sales and task completion. The social media application and tickets management module are made available for providing customer support. The employees get a clearer interaction with the customers to provide excellent service.

We provide CRM solution for industry verticals including:

Small to medium business
Energy and utilities
Manufacturing industries
Travel and transportation
IT services
Educational Institutions
Government sector etc

We provide enterprise CRM solution as a standalone application or as the best servicing SaaS method for cost effective utilization. The real advantage on implementation of the CRM across the enterprise is realized by the increased efficiency and overall productivity. The CRM acts as a tool to analyze the customers to determine the mode of product promotion with targeted marketing. The enterprise CRM solution can enhance your sales and strengthen your customer relationship with collaborative environment and communication.


Marketing Automation
Sales Automation
Tickets Management
Project Management Automation
Task Management Automation
HR Management Automation
Performance Management Automation
Customer Portal
Social Media Analytics
Mobile Application
Team Collaboration
Third Party tool integration and more

Types of CRM:

Operational CRM
Generally refers to products and services that allow an organization to take care of their customers.
It provides support for various business processes, which can include sales, marketing and service.
Contact centers, data aggregation systems and web sites are a few examples.
Collaborative CRM
It is communication with customers and covers direct interaction with customers including feedback and issue reporting.
Interaction can take place through web pages, email, Automated Voice Response.
Collaborative CRM greatly improves on services offered
Analytical CRM
It addresses the analysis of customer data for a host of different purposes.
In general it is used to design and execute targeted marketing campaigns that optimize marketing effectiveness.
takes into account product and service decision making, pricing and new product development.

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