Software Testing
We successfully execute forward-thinking, automation and software testing services uniquely tailored to each customer´s specific testing requirements

Software Testing Services

Oamisys has experience in providing expert software testing services to several global customers.
We provide clients with a wide range of testing services, from individual testers who manually execute existing Test Cases, to being fully involved in a client’s software development lifecycle and taking complete responsibility for testing by establishing testing methodologies, creating test cases/plans and performing actual testing

Oamisys has:

Capability to provide both test automation service as well as manual services
Ability to handle open source technologies and commercial tools
Expertise in using a wide range of tools for defect tracking,test management and automation

Co-operation Models:

Oamisys Inc can build services from two co-operation models to meet the needs of different clients

Offshore Testing Center (OTC):

Provides you with an offshore QA/Testing team that acts as an integral part of your organization
Offers a risk-free trial period
Provides a transparent project management process, allowing clients greater visibility and predictability in testing execution progress and process
Has teams that can be resized according to client needs

Independent Testing Services:

Can be project-specific or short-term
Are beneficial for clients who have clear and stable testing requirements and relatively short-term projects
Independent testing denotes the test design and implementation most appropriately performed by someone who is independent from the team of developers.

Software Testing Workflow

Automated Testing Services:

Oamisys uses various tool, among other commercial and open source platforms, to automate your unit, integration, system and regression testing. Our tool allows us to develop built-to-suit test automation frameworks based on your specific business needs.

Oamisys´s extensive experience with software products, testing methods and automated test development tools allows us to efficiently evaluate your application and recommend the test development tools that best fit your needs. We work with a wide variety of test tool vendors, allowing us to provide informed, objective advice on test tool selection. Oamisys has a host of automated testing services to help your organization incorporate automated testing into your quality assurance process.

Automated Test Tool Evaluation and Selection

Oamisys eliminates the time and frustration involved in selecting the best automated tools. We have developed an extensive criteria for comparing automated test tools. Our automation engineers will perform an evaluation of the leading automated test tools utilizing your application. After a thorough evaluation, a Test Tool Assessment is created which details our findings and recommendations. Oamisys will ensure that the test tool being considered is compatible with your testing environment before making the investment. Be assured that Oamisys performs these services with no bias or influence from the tool vendors.

Defining Automated Testing Strategies and Methodologies

Deciding on the right automation strategy for your project, while considering the application size and test-script maintenance - can be more frustrating than the process of selecting the tool itself. The wrong test automation strategy will result in chaos. Oamisys can help steer you toward success by defining and implementing an appropriate automation strategy and methodology

Our Automation Testing Advantages Include:

Compatibility - Oamisys automation framework allows us to test numerous programming languages across multiple platforms.
Effectiveness - We take away your worry about maintaining test effectiveness even when there are frequent changes in the application
Focused QA - With Oamisys framework, testers can now concentrate on writing tests without worrying about the underlying framework.
Test Preparation - There is no need to limit test preparation time to maximize test execution time. With Oamisys, you are always prepared.
Trackability - Our framework generates custom reports so you can track your progress.
Governed Ramp-up - Our experts study and mitigate the risks to your ongoing quality process during automation ramp-up by utilizing our well placed quality checks.

Manual Testing Services:

Software manual testing is crucial to guarantee high-quality performance. We have found that the best possible results are achieved when automation is supplemented with an appropriate manual component. Manual testing is also the most effective method for User Interface Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Usability Testing, testing of Error Handling, Installation and Security. Tests are executed to verify that your software runs properly and without defects on each required platform.

Types of Manual Testing Offered

Acceptance Testing
Install / Uninstall Testing
Ad-hoc / Random Testing
Integration Testing
Alpha Testing
Link Testing
Beta Testing
Load Testing
Black Box Testing
Mutation Testing
Boundary Testing
Performance Testing
Comparison Testing
Regression Testing
Compatibility Testing
Security Testing
Configuration Testing
Smoke Testing
Data Integrity Testing
Stress Testing
End-to-End Testing
System Testing
Error Handling Testing
Unit Testing
Exploratory Testing
Usability Testing
Failover Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Functional Testing
White Box Testing
GUI Testing

Manual Testing Services Checklist

We take the necessary steps to ensure your application performs to your expectations

Analyzing the requirements and functional specification
Defining the test environment and testing tools
Creating and prioritizing the most critical transactions
Building test cases
Executing test cases
Reporting bugs
User interface testing, compatibility testing, configuration testing, functionality testing, localization
Product specification and user documentation review
Providing detailed testing status reports, including Test Reports, Bug Reports and Test Documentation

Software testing services to Oamisys will enable your company to concentrate on its core business activities while our testing experts handle your software testing work

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