ERP can inspire your company to innovate your business, so you can deliver inspiration to your customers, Oamisys ERP is more than business software;it is the key to possibilities not yet imagined.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an integrated model of all the business process. The business process such as sales, marketing, purchase, planning, production, inventory control, accounting, and finance are thoroughly analyzed and modularized. Depending on the need of the industry, the suitable modules are integrated using the ERP solution.

We implement the ERP solution for any enterprise after thoroughly studying the organization needs and requirements. We ensure the best communication adaptation of the ERP module. It streamlines all the geographically scattered business information across all the functional units. Enterprise resource planning software helps to improve the quality of the business by efficiently managing the data flow. ERP is applicable for all organization irrespective of their size to converge the activities with a central control on the information flow.

We provide enterprise resource planning solution across various industries including retail, distribution, food & beverage, fashion, equipments, healthcare, electronics, fabrication and much more. It improves the productivity with skillful employee management. ERP covers integrated solutions including customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management, and data warehousing. It makes the enterprise to work as a single unit.

Oamisys Technologies presents the ERP model as a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that allows the clients to purchase only the needed module to integrate. You can choose to avail the ERP as an installation or hosted model or deploy as a cloud-based SaaS model suiting to your needs. We assist you for selecting the best deployment method with proper resource utilization cost effectively. We ensure proper implementation of the ERP solution.


Easy task management
Centralized database
Uniform access to resources
Low operating cost
Prevent data redundancy
Effortless decision making
Multi language support
Multi currency support


Automation of business process
Efficient operation
Easy access to information
Improve visibility
Achieving organization and financial goals
Complex multi-level organization operation process simplified
Reduced operating cost
Reduced human errors

Examples System Workflow – Full Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Software Operations versus Partial Operations

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